The proven approach to successful DM.

Most marketers seem to understand the importance of testing. After all, it’s the best way to maximize your marketing program effectiveness. But the reality is that many of them simply don’t do it. And many attempts at testing result in misleading or ambiguous data.

If you’re not testing, you’re leaving money on the table. And if you’re doing it wrong, it could cost you even more. That’s where RPM comes in.

Rapid Performance Method™

We’ve developed and honed the best practices for accelerated testing over thousands of new programs. Our method gives us reliable tools to consistently create programs that succeed. We call it the “Rapid Performance Method.” And it’s the fastest way to answer your key marketing questions and quickly create intelligent programs that meet your sales and financial objectives.

When do you need the Rapid Performance Method?

  • You need fast answers. RPM gives you relevant data quickly to make more
    informed decisions.
  • You need dramatic improvement in response and sales. Let the market tell you
    what they want and how to get what you need. Identify hidden opportunities you’d
    otherwise miss.
  • You can’t afford to fail. None of us can afford to fail. But our method lets you test
    key performance drivers, simultaneously reducing your risk and multiplying your
    chances for success.

Combined with the appropriate focus on the key performance drivers, our approach has helped us achieve winning programs or significant performance improvements over 90% of the time.

Learn more about our approach to testing. Download our free report: Testing Best Practices to Reduce Risk and Deliver Breakthrough Results.